The El-Sayed Laboratory


We welcome applications from prospective postdoctoral scholars and graduate students and will consider them on a continuing basis depending on fit to the lab, available space and funding.

Our group is experimental and computational. We carry out wet lab experimentation as well as wet-dry projects. We seek highly motivated and creative scientists to join our group. Our lab has a great mix of collaborative scientists from a range of backgrounds including genetics/genomics and quantitative fields like bioinformatics and computational biology.

Najib El-Sayed, Rachel (2014)
Najib, Rachel - 2014
Yuan, Najib El-Sayed, Laura, Rondon (2014)
Yuan, Najib, Laura, Rondon - 2014
Postdocs To apply for a postdoctoral position, please email Najib the following: (i) a CV; (ii) a summary describing your research skills and experience; (iii) a statement of your goals and research interests for the postdoctoral training; and (iv) contact details for references. Postdoctoral applicants are expected to have a background in a relevant biological field or to come from a quantitative field (such as statistics or computer science) and have a demonstrated interest in genomics, bioinformatics and/or host-pathogen interactions. Strong programming and bioinformatics skills are a decided plus.
PhD Applicants PhD applications should go through one of the Biological Sciences (BISI) graduate programs: Molecular and Cellular Biology (MOCB) or Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Genomics (CBBG). There is a single application deadline each fall. Pre-application inquiries are not needed as students are accepted into the lab only following acceptance into the program and a successful rotation.
Lab Rotation (Graduate Students) Please contact Najib to discuss. We welcome students from the MOCB and CBBG graduate programs.
Undergraduates Undergraduates should have a good command of concepts in molecular biology, genetics and cell biology. To join us, please email Najib the following: (i) a copy of your academic transcript; and (ii) a summary describing your research interests and any experience you may have.
High School Students Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate high school internship requests in our wet lab because of our work with bloodborne pathogens.
Eva (2014)
Eva - 2014
Najib El-Sayed, Trey, Rachel (2014)
Najib, Trey, Rachel - 2014