The El-Sayed Laboratory


University of Maryland (2006-Present)

Najib El-Sayed UMD Team (2015)
Left to Right: Laura, Rachel, Najib, Trey, Keith, Eva
Najib El-Sayed UMD Team (2014)
Front, Left to Right: Silvana, Eva, Najib, Laura, Yuan, Rachel
Back, Left to Right: Ginger, Rondon, Keith, Trey, April
Najib M. El-Sayed, PhD - Principal Investigator
Ashton Trey Belew, PhD - Assistant Research Scientist
April Hussey, MS - Faculty Research Assistant
Maria Cecilia Fernandes Depecher - Ph.D. Post-doctoral Fellow
Mohamed Ramzi Temanni, PhD - Research Associate
Gustavo Cerqueira, PhD - Post-doctoral Fellow
Camila Macedo, PhD - Post-doctoral Fellow
Graduate Students
Theresa Alexander
Keith Hughitt - Defended Winter 2017
Genevieve Houston-Ludlam - Defended Spring 2016
Laura Dillon - Defended Winter 2016
Yuan Li - Defended Winter 2014
Jungmin Choi - Defended Summer 2012
Undergraduate Students
Jerry Zhao - Honors
Madeline Alizadeh - Honors
Rachel Evans - Honors
Eva Morgun - Honors
Kelly Proimos - Honors
Brittany Barner - Honors
Edson Oliveira - Visiting Grad. Student - Brazil
Maria Adelaida Gomez, PhD - Visiting Scientist - Brazil
Fernanda Müller de Oliveira - Visiting Grad. Student - Brazil
Silvana Paulan - Visiting Grad. Student - Brazil
Rondon Neto - Visiting Grad. Student - Brazil
Wanderson Da Rocha, PhD - Visiting Scientist - Brazil
Michael Waisberg, PhD - Visiting Scientist - NIH
Stephanie Yager - Visiting Post-Bac - NIH
Pablo Smircich - Visiting Grad. Student - Garat Lab, Uruguay
Santuza Teixeira, PhD - Visiting Scientist - HHMI International Scholar
Najib El-Sayed UMD Team (2012)
Left to Right: Ginger, Jungmin, Najib, Yuan, Ramzi, Laura
Najib El-Sayed UMD Team (2010)
Left to Right: Najib, Jungmin, Gustavo, Stephanie, Yuan, April, Michael
Najib El-Sayed UMD Team (2008)
Left to Right: Jungmin, Gustavo, Ginger, April, Najib, Camila, Pablo, Santuza

The Institute for Genome Research (1998-2006)

Najib El-Sayed TIGR Team
Front, Left to Right: Lihua, Daniella, Jessica, Lis, Najib, Appolinaire
Back, Left to Right: Gustavo, Joshua, Jonathan, Brian, Justin, Annie, Mihai, Elodie, Luke, Gaell, Seth
Najib M. El-Sayed, PhD - Principal Investigator
Anjana Simpson - Research Associate – Microarrays and Expression Analysis
Appolinaire Djikeng, PhD - Staff Scientist
Daniella Bartholomeu, PhD - Post-doctoral Fellow
Elisabet Caler, PhD - Bioinformatics Analyst
Gaëlle Blandin, PhD - Bioinformatics Analyst
Gustavo Cerqueira - Visiting Graduate Student, UFMG, Brazil
Joshua Shallom, PhD - Bioinformatics Analyst
Justin Johnston - Research Associate - Closure
Lihua Hou - Research Associate - Genome Mapping
Seth Schobel - Research Associate - Closure
Jonathan Crabtree - Bioinformatics Engineer
Art Delcher, PhD - Computer Scientist
Elodie Ghedin, PhD - Assistant Investigator, Parasite and Viral Genomics Faculty
Brian Haas - Bioinfomatics Engineer
Mihai Pop, PhD - Computer Scientist
Steven Salzberg, PhD - Adjunct Investigator
Luke Tallon - Team Leader, Eukaryotic Closure
Owen White, PhD - Investigator and Director of Bioinformatics
Jennifer Wortman - Eukaryotic Annotation Manager